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Hello New Jersey District of Key Club International!


My name is Zachary Patterson, and I cannot express how ecstatic I am about having the tremendous responsibility of serving as your Division 5 Lieutenant Governor. I truly cannot wait to meet each one of you, and begin working with you throughout the year. Since I first started the club of South Jersey Homeschool in mid-2016, I have loved this club and everything about it. When my friends and I decided to start a Key Club, we had no idea what experiences we would have. From that point until now, we’ve completed more than 1,000 hours of service, and have doubled our membership, and I couldn’t be happier. Key Club has proven to be rewarding in more ways than I could’ve possibly imagined, and I cannot wait to see what my sophomore year as a Lieutenant Governor will bring.


I love the opportunities that Key Club presents to us as High School students, and that no matter what walk of life we come from, we are all equalized in that fact that we can come together to serve our communities. The fact that we immerse ourselves in this community, not just as people who are eager to serve, but as everlasting friends, means more than the world to me. I believe with absolute certainty that the friendships that I’ve made and developed over this past year will last a lifetime, and I will forever be grateful to Key Club for that.


Key Club is one of two primary passions in my life, alongside acting. I’ve been an actor for a very long time, and have been taking lessons for acting, singing, and dancing for over eight years. Along with Key Club, the stage will always have a prominent place in my life.


Some of the goals I hope to accomplish this year include, but are not limited to:


Key Club is a top priority in my life, and I promise that I will, to the best of my ability, both fulfill and exceed all obligations that are expected of me, and aid the success of the clubs in our division in any and all ways possible. I cannot express how excited I am to work with you all this year, and I look forward to making this 2017-2018 service year the best one yet.

Yours in Caring and service,

Zachary Patterson

Division 5 Lieutenant Governor

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