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Dear Division 12 of the New Jersey District,

I am Milan Patel, and it is with incredible satisfaction and immense excitement that I can introduce myself as your newly elected Lieutenant Governor. I am truly looking forward to the year of active involvement, passionate service, and inspiring memories that we will share together. I would like to introduce myself as a person and as your friend before any further delay.

I’ve been involved in Key Club since my freshman year of high school after its description as a community- oriented volunteering club caught my attention. My engagement with the club picked up during my sophomore year once I began attending more events and spending an increasing amount of time serving my local schools and organizations. At the end of my sophomore year I ran for the position of Club Secretary, seeking an increased role in the club with the determination to fulfill my responsibilities to the best of my ability. Fortunately I was elected and went on to serve as Club Secretary for the 2016-2017 school year alongside an officer board that grew to become like a second family and made my role as Secretary feel like a privilege that I was beyond grateful to have. After such a rewarding experience as Club Secretary, the idea of running for Lieutenant Governor of our Division became increasingly attractive; with every project or act of service I carried out the satisfaction I received only grew in magnitude, and as Lt. Governor I knew I would have an opportunity to spread that feeling to others and continue the hard work of the New Jersey District. I was fortunate enough to win that election as well, and after a successful weekend at District Convention I am proud to be able to present myself as your Lieutenant Governor. Thus, in a nutshell, my journey through Key Club has been one of friendships and positivity, driven by a love for service and a dedication to helping my community.

My experience in service stretches beyond Key Club. In the past few years I have volunteered for a wide array of events, including a Bike for MS event supporting the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and a PGA Tour golf tournament by the Barclays. However, indisputably my greatest service experience was traveling to the small town of Nadiad, India for two weeks as a part of Uplift Humanity India. Through this program I went to an orphanage in Nadiad every day for two weeks and spent several hours a day teaching orphans and victims of juvenile recidivism (a cycle of crime and poverty) about values of life and skills they were lacking because of the absence of a true family life. The lessons we taught them are things we take for granted as members of families, of communities, of schools and clubs like our own Key Clubs; these lessons included coping with bullying and peer pressure, developing communication and teamwork capabilities, expressing feelings, etc. My biggest takeaway from these 2 weeks was 1) you can never truly understand someone else’s predicament until you hear it from their lips, see it in their eyes, and feel it when they speak. The connections I built with those kids are ones that will last a lifetime, and I know I will never forget them. But 2), after understanding many of their predicaments, the greatest feeling I’ve ever known has been through helping them discover new things about myself, about themselves, and about their indescribable potential. Uplift Humanity India was life-changing not only in how we impacted the lives of the orphans, but how our own lives were flipped upside down after such a world-shaking experience. We had gone there to make a difference in their lives, but the biggest difference from the trip was unequivocally in my own.

With the passion for activism and service I possess, I have also brought along a series of goals for myself and for the division that I know we can accomplish before the end of my term:

I hope you can feel my palpable enthusiasm for the coming months, and I cannot wait to meet, befriend, and work with every single one of you and your schools in our marvelous division. Know that I am not only your Lieutenant Governor, but also a friend, a resource, and an open door if you ever need any assistance or guidance. Let’s embark on a fantastic year with the right mindset and proper preparation. I’m ready to begin this year with all of you, and I hope you are as well. My contact information is below, and I am always open to questions, suggestions, or even simply a conversation. Here’s to a great year!

Yours in Caring and Service,

Milan Patel

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