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Dear Division 6,

My name is Kristen Nyampong and I will be serving as your Lieutenant Governor during the 2017-2018 service year! I am currently a junior and rising senior at Piscataway High School. You may raise an eyebrow at my school’s name because you perhaps never heard of it. Piscataway High School is located in Middlesex County; I live minutes away from Rutgers University. Thus, I will be driving quite a bit to visit all of you but, no worries!

I joined Key Club during my freshman year after my aunt encouraged me to join such an amazing organization. Yet, I didn’t value my membership during the 2015-2016 service year, as I do now. To be honest, I wasn’t as active as I had hoped for during my freshman year of high school. However, I became more active during my sophomore year of high school and even ran for President of my home club. Thankfully, I got the position and just officially ended an extremely successful term for the 2016-2017 service year. After such an amazing service year, I realized my passion for service extended further than just my home club, and I was later appointed Lieutenant Governor of Division 6.

I’m understanding, kind, and compassionate. At times I like to believe I am funny but many will beg to differ and would rather suggest I never stop laughing. All in all, I am a very happy person! I have a joy and appreciation for life and I certainly believe it is such a beautiful thing. Moreover, I’m part of many other organizations at my high school such as Biology League, HOSA, and Student Ambassadors. Despite these other activities, Key Club is my joy and passion which makes me so excited to serve such an amazing division. I’m also so excited to meet all of you and have such a great year! My goals for this year include:

● Have 100% of officers trained

● Collect Dues certainly before December 1

● Hold 7 Divisional Council Meetings

● Hold 2 Divisional Events

● Increase attendance to Fally Rally, DCON, and other district events

● Visit all clubs at least once

● Have all officers trained before Fall Rally

Again, I am excited to meet you all this upcoming service year. I hope we have a successful year along with many memories and friendships!

Yours in Caring Service,

Kristen Nyampong

Lieutenant Governor of Division 6

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