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Hello Key Clubbers!

My name is Hayley Beluch, and I am so thrilled to be serving as your District Editor for the 2017-2018 service year! I will be your resource for public relations, brand guide assistance, promotional media (videos, flyers) and publications like The Jersey Key, so you can enlarge your club while also staying abreast of happenings in the District and international. As District Editor, I plan to put a large focus on the club level to highlight the service and caring that Key Club is all about. With that, I look forward to working with all of you closely to better our homes, schools, and communities!

It was mid-freshman year when I first joined the Key Club at my school, Eastern Regional. I fell in love at the first service project, and I have been in love ever since. After serving as my club editor, my close friend and mentor Zierra Dean convinced me to run for Lieutenant Governor of Division 5, and I cannot express how amazing of an experience it was. I saw firsthand the interconnectivity of the Key Club family, while also learning how immense of an impact this organization can and does make. That is why I am so enthused at the chance to work with you all even more, so our collective efforts can make even more of a difference.

Outside of Key Club, I keep myself occupied with a bunch of hobbies and activities. I love art, especially painting, pastels, and origami. I’ve been cooking ever since I was a child, and in my spare time I cater and decorate event cakes. I’m also an avid tennis player for my school, playing both doubles and singles. However, if you ever walked in to me, the one thing that I would most likely be doing is reading. I have a passion for classic literature, and I hope one day to mold that love into publishing some of my own work.

I am sure this service year will be a blast, working with you and getting to know you all. With that in mind, I have quite a few goals I want to accomplish to make this service year as effective as possible:

I know that with all of your help, and an intense focus on achieving these goals and others, this 2017-2018 service year will stand out in terms of service. Thank you all so much for this incredible opportunity!

Yours in caring and service,

Hayley Beluch

District Editor

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