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Hello Division 7 Key Clubbers,

It is an honor to be able to introduce myself as Division 7’s new Lieutenant Governor for the 2017-2018 service year! I am Frank D’Agostino and I am a sophomore at the Marine Academy of Technology and Environmental Science, more commonly referred to as MATES. I look forward to meeting you all and having a successful year!

I joined Key Club my freshman year of high school not fully versed in what it was all about, so I could never have imagined what it would have in store for me. But let me tell you, to this day, I am blown away by the impact and change this organization makes. Key Club, along with the rest of the K-
family, touches and changes the lives of millions. In my short time with Key Club so far, it has impacted me greatly. It has changed my outlook on life andhas made me the person I am today.

Who is this person Key Club has molded? Well, this person loves being active and being productive. I am a part of my school’s Robotics Club, Birding Club, and Chemistry Olympics Team. I also care for a Northern Diamondback Terrapin named Bubba in my school’s Project Terrapin Club. Additionally, I am president of my sophomore class council. In the spring, I play on Toms River High School North’s lacrosse team. It may seem like a lot, but none of these activities can compare to Key Club. We are apart of anamazing family; therefore, this position will be my utmost priority.

Throughout this service year, my personal goal is to give you all and others the opportunity to undergo the experience I call Key Club. I also want to increase membership in every single one of our clubs. More importantly though, I want to retain and greatly involve all of our current members with the K-family. Here is what I want to accomplish this service year with all of you in order for these goals to be achieved:

• Visit all clubs at least twice throughout the service year.

• Have all dues paid by the Early Bird deadline (November 1).

• Train all officers by September 2017.

• Increase communication and bonds between the clubs of Division 7.

• Increase involvement of all clubs in amazing events such as RTC’s

and DCON.

• Charter and begin a K-Kids club and Key Club.

• Have fun and make an impact!

Please remember that it is my duty to be a vital resource for you. My job is to be a liaison between the District Board and the clubs in Division 7, so please do not hesitate to call me on my cell phone or email me with any questions, news, or problems you may have. Even if you just need somebody to talk to, I’ll be here! With that said, I am thrilled to serve as your LTG and cannot wait to see what we can accomplish this year!

Yours in Caring and Service,

Frank D’Agostino

Lieutenant Governor of Division 7

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