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Dear New Jersey District of Key Club International,

I am excited to announce that I, Catherine Yu, a junior at Livingston High School, will once again proudly serve as the Lieutenant Governor of Division 19 for the 2017-2018 service year.

Without any prior exposure to Key Club, I walked into club fair as a mere freshman and was met by an onslaught of people urging me to join their organization. I had no idea what I wanted to do in high school – what extra-curricular activities I would join, which electives I would take, and so on.

Yet, the treasurer at the time reached out to me and explained what Key Club really was: the largest student-led organization in the world, with over 260 members just in Livingston’s club, where caring is our way of life. I signed my name on an interest slip without much forethought about what I would actually do in the club. Little did I know how much Key Club would mean to me in the following two years of my life. I still do not know how much more it will become in the next two years. However, I can tell you that after volunteering my time and effort at so many different events, not only as a general member, but also as the webmaster and as the immediate past co-vice president of Livingston High School’s Key Club, helping others to improve their lives has helped me to improve my own life as well.

Other than being an active member of Key Club, I also participate in a variety of other activities, although they certainly will not detract from my duties as a member of your district board. I am currently a member of FBLA, Math Team, Science Olympiad, French National Honor Society, and Varsity Fencing. I pursue all my activities with a focus on service and determination, and I hope you all will see this portrayed in my especial devotion to Key Club. These past five months, I have been able to experience the role of lieutenant governor and work through my duties as best as I could to finish off the past service year. Seeing Livingston and James Caldwell, two clubs from our amazing division, recognized at District Convention was honestly the highlight of the last service year. I cannot wait to use all that I have learned to help me bring our division to new heights in this new service year! Below are some of the main goals I have for the next service year:

I look forward to helping even more people join in with the spirit of service that is so important to the foundation of Key Club. As a last note, I would like to thank all the club officers I worked with in the past service year for their dedication to Key Club and their hard work for the betterment of their homes, schools, and communities! Feel free to contact me through call, text, or email if you have any questions, concerns, or comments. Let’s make this service year the best one yet!

Yours in Caring and Service,

Catherine Yu

Lieutenant Governor

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